Google Is Not Google Simple!

by  & Robert Grunder

Google Jargon is not always Google Simple by Joseph K. Levene
Google Jargon Is Not Always Google Simple nor Easy!
In November 2010, Matt Cutts asked "What would you do if you were CEO of Google"?  

Sometimes "simple" is best which is why we advocated Google implement Google Simple as a Company doctrine. Everyone on the planet knows Google is a highly successful, innovative Internet Company that constantly introduces new product launches, improvements and line extensions, at a clip that is the envy of any company, tech or not.  

Unfortunately for its non tech savvy users, Google has also achieved unparallelled success even though there is no dedicated Customer Service Department.

The lack of a fully operational 24/7 Service Department is a serious flaw. Although Google has millions of users, many users do not use all its line extensions including: Google Custom Search; Google Adwords, Google Apps; Google Code; etc., and it is not because of a lack of interest, it is because Google is not Google Simple.  

Sadly, Google has become so large it can no longer respond to users who are not tech savvy. Put another way, does Google's Management even care? 

Oh sure, there are plenty of how to's, but too many of these Google Guides are written in Google Jargon.

Google has become a part of our lives; just like toothpaste and food. But unlike packaged goods products manufactured by Procter & Gamble and Colgate Palmolive, Google doe not interact  with users in simple English. Unless you are tech savvy, most of us do not know the opportune ways to use the Google API, Google Gadget, etc.

While tech savvy users understand Google Ajax, more probably think it has something to do with the dishwasher soap manufactured by Colgate Palmolive.  

Try to reach an operator by phone at Google or send an e-mail and receive a response in a timely manner and you will see the extent of Google's deficiency. Your e-mail will go unanswered, for weeks, or months, and when someone actually answers your request of three months ago, he/she will ask you to "restate your original question". 

Talk about disrespect!

The fact is Google does not publish any phone numbers nor e-mail addresses, period.

Instructions written in Google jargon are fine if you work for Google. These days even Webmaster Tools Instructions are written, more or less, in reduced jargon; go back two years to see the progress.

We recommend Google adapt a Google Simple oath to:
  • Ensure Google Products/Instructions pass the "stupid test", whether tech savvy or not. 
  • Write “how to guides" in color code, to show what to insert, and where.
  • Avoid Google jargon and use more plug-in examples.
  • Institute an e-mail system to answer e-mails on a timely basis.   
  • Initiate a Customer Service Department with dedicated support team.
Bottom-line, Google is Not Google Simple!