Photographer Who Shot Brooke Shield Nudes Dies

by  & Robert Grunder
Nude Photograph of Brooke Shields by Garry Gross
Garry Gross photograph of 10 Year Old Brooke Shields
Garry Gross, fashion photographer, best known for his controversial nude photographs of Brooke Shields, when she was 10 years old,  passes.

In 1975, long before Brooke Shields became an International child star, Teri Shields, Brooke Shields' Mother, signed a $450. contract that allowed Garry Gross to shoot a series of controversial photographs of Brooke Shields, "in thick makeup and bejeweled, sitting and standing in a steaming, opulently decorated bathtub." 
At 17, Brooke Shields became a movie star in "Pretty Baby" and could not prevent Garry Gross from legally selling photographs from that historic shoot.

"New York State’s highest court ruled that Brooke Shields could not break the contract. In its 4-to-3 decision, the Court of Appeals said that Mr. Gross could continue to market the photos as long as he did not sell them to pornographic publications." 

Ironically, years later, Richard Prince appropriated the Garry Gross Ppotograph by photographing the original, and because Gross objected, later provided Mr. Gross with an out of court settlement

The Richard Prince Appropriation was exhibited at the 2007 Richard Prince Guggenheim Museum Retrospective in New York. More recently, Scotland Yard confiscated the Richard Prince Appropriation from the Tate Museum because it was a potential violation of obscenity. Read The New York Times obituary of Garry Gross.
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