Polaroid Photography Collection: Who Should Get The Proceeds?

According to the Boston Globe, some photographers question ownership of photographs in the Polaroid collection, scheduled for sale by Sotheby's next year. “Hey, wait a minute!’’ is the widespread reaction of some photographers and former Polaroid employees blindsided by the proposed sale. “I was responsible for accumulating some of this collection,’’ recalls former Polaroid staffer Sam Yanes."

“I thought we didn't buy these photographs, we just bought the right to use them. I talked to Manfred Heiting and Ted Voss, who also worked on the collection, and they agreed with me, that was the case.’’

Photographer John Reuter, who lives in Longmeadow, has about a hundred prints in the portion of the collection that Sotheby’s chose not to sell. “There are some really nice pieces in there,’’ he says. “I am going to try and get them back.’’

“I am disappointed that it has come to this,’’ says William Turnage, who manages the Ansel Adams Trust. “I suspect that Dr. Land is rolling over in his grave.’’

The Polaroid Photography collection includes:

• 27 Ansel Adams

• 78 William Wegman

• 59 David Levinthal

• 22 Lucas Samaras

• 19 Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

• 16 Duane Michals

• 14 Imogen Cunningham

• 13 Andy Warhol Large Scale Self-Portraits

• 10 Robert Rauschenberg

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