Tate Replaces Brooke Shields Nude Photograph by Richard Prince

by  & Robert Grunder

Brooke Shields photograph by Richard Prince titled Spiritual America IV 2005

According to a Tate Press Release, in consultation with artist Richard Prince, the Tate replaced Spiritual America 1983 with a later Prince version created in collaboration with Brooke Shields. 

The replacement Richard Prince photograph of Brooke Shields is titled Spiritual America IV 2005.

The original Richard Prince photograph showed Ms. Shields standing nude in a bathtub, with a heavily made-up face and oiled torso.

"The original picture was withdrawn by the Tate Modern following a visit by the Metropolitan Police who are consulting the Crown Prosecution Service over whether the image breaches the obscene publications act."

After consultation with its legal team, the Tate chose to include the original photograph in the Pop Life: Art In A Material World; the photograph had been extensively exhibited in the United States, but never in the UK.

Joseph K. Levene Fine Art, Ltd. 

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