Sotheby's Gets Court Approval To Market $11 Million Polaroid Photography Collection

Sotheby’s has received court approval to auction the Polaroid Photograph archive. Sotheby’s will offer the Polaroid single-owner sale, Spring, 2010 about 1,300 images; estiamted value at up to $11 million.

"Among approximately 16,000 images in the collection are hundreds by famous names, including Andy Warhol, Ansel Adams, Robert Maplethorpe and William Wegman."

David Ross, formerly the Director of the ICA, Boston, the Whitney Museum and SFMoMA stated "Regardless of the ruling, the new owners of Polaroid are selling what’s left of the corporate soul of that once great company by treating the collection as mere property, and showing such blatant disregard for the rights of the hundreds of artists who trusted them with their work ."

“All we really hope for is that some enlightened foundation will buy the entire collection and donate it to a museum in the name (and spirit) of the great Edwin Land, the inventor of Polaroid."

As for the remaining 14,700 items, Sotheby’s says it is “consulting with the court-appointed trustee as to [their] disposition”.

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